KTH-SEECS Applied Information Security Lab

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)

Why AIS?

KTH-AIS lab was founded on the idea that pioneering science is best performed by multidisciplinary teams working together and the concept of teamwork remains a vital component of daily life at the Lab. All in all, we provide several facilities to our students and collaborators.

> We follow the team approach, with senior researchers mentoring junior researchers.


KTH-AIS lab is equipped with enthusiastic researchers and security professionals, who work dedicatedly to conduct fundamental research, promote applied security research activities and brainstorm on ideas to solve critical security issues. All associates are expected to contribute significantly in the research such as quality publications, paper presentation at conferences etc.


> We provide opportunities to our students to work jointly with collaborators.


The students working at KTH-AIS lab gain international exposure by working jointly with our (inter)national collaborators. Our collaborations take an array of different forms, ranging from student exchange, teaching partnerships to joint research projects and publications on global security issues.    


> We try to embed our solutions in (inter)national research programs in order to have a close corporation with industries and governments.


Our supportive faculty and diverse students create a highly collaborative environment. We maintain close links with the local and international security research communities by means of our research contributions as publications, our participation in scientific workshops, and our contributions to joint research projects.