Secure Migration of Virtual Machines in Cloud Federation

Business enterprises are migrating towards cloud computing for their ability to provide agility, robustness and feasibility in operations. In order to increase the reliability and availability of services, clouds have grown into federated clouds i.e., union of clouds. Cloud federation aims to cost-effective assets and resources optimization among heterogeneous environments where clouds can cooperate together with the goal of obtaining “unbounded” computation resources. One way to achieve federation is migration of complete virtual machine of Cloud customer from one Cloud service provider (CSP) to other CSP. In this regard, the security of VM is a challenging issue that needs to be catered for reliable and trusted cross domain Cloud federation. The security of virtual machine needs to be addressed in two different perspectives; that mainly includes the communication security while transmitting through a channel (at motion) and security at that location (at rest) where the VM has to be migrated (second CSP platform).