Decentralized Authorization Framework for Sharing of Video Surveillance Data

The use of video surveillance in the developed world has significantly increased over past two decades, due to decreasing hardware costs and the sense of insecurity ignited by incidents like 9/11 and London bombing. Modern surveillance systems use internet to transfer data. Having digital video surveillance data enables to share video streams with other public departments if required, for instance to investigate a crime incident occurred in a street. However, such access should only be limited to the area surrounding the incident and should only be given to certain individuals involved in investigation of the incident. Hence a federated authorization mechanism is required. The objective of this project is to build a decentralized authorization architecture to share the video surveillance data among different public departments. Project shall devise an access control model allowing to watch the video streams for limited observers only. In order to share the video streams, the project shall investigate mechanisms to develop a common federated authorization framework among collaborating departments, for which it may use SAML and XACML. The project culminates with the development of a proof-of-concept prototype that allows collaborating departments to share video data.