Dynamic Authorization & Access Right Delegation for g-SIS Environment

In a group centric environment, members of a group contribute valuable information or resources with each other for a specific rationale. Sharing of sensitive information/resources among various group members poses the concerns of its security and effective management. In order to address the security aspects of sensitive information which is shared among the group members, there is an indispensable need for dynamic access control mechanism that ensures strict authorized access based on the group requirement. However, even if the secure groups have been formed and access to authorized users has been granted, the provision of access rights delegation to other users in g-SIS environment still stands as a daunting challenge. In this regard, there is a need to devise dynamic authorization & access right delegation framework for g-SIS Environment. In addition to this, in this thesis GSAKMP protocol will also be explored for designing and implementing strict delegation model for group-centric information sharing environment.