Secure Dynamic Event & Task based Resource Management in g-SIS Environment using GSAKMP

Group Secure Information Sharing environment is well-known for shared use of resources within large, dynamic, multi-institutional communities. This sharing is not limited to file exchange only but includes direct access to computers, software, data, and other resources to perform both individual and collaborative tasks. Different organizations comprise of a complex structure in which groups are created and destructed dynamically based on events or tasks required. For instance in an educational institution, a group is formulated to host a conference/workshop. The existing solutions lack support for centralized requirement based resource sharing and management. In this thesis we aim to perform research in g-SIS domain to design & implement a comprehensive, cost effective and easy to use secure resource management system for g-SIS. In addition, this research intends to explore the prospects of using Public-key Infrastructure (PKI) and Group Secure Association Key Management Protocol (GSAKMP) in detail.