Cloud based Identity Management Infrastructure for Pakistan

This research project aims to provide a secure, synchronized and an integrated Identity management system (IDMS) for Cloud environment. Under this project an extensive research will be carried out accompanied with the development of an identity management system that will ensure the secure processing and management of sensitive identity credentials in Cloud environment. The contribution for this project is twofold:
1) development of an integrated IDMS that will help assure service providers of Pakistan to securely exchange and manage identity credentials with each other remaining within Cloud premises,
2) Creation of an autonomous identity handler (IDMS) to comfort the process of availing various services from the services providers by removing the labor work of verifying the identities through papers.
Thus, the system will address the main problem of synchronization, collaboration and verification of identities in various realms together with the secure management and processing of credentials. MS students will be working on specific modules of this project.