KTH-SEECS Applied Information Security Lab

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)

Secure applications and protocols

Domain:Smart Cards & Security Protocols

Status: Completed
Contact Person(s): Abdul Ghafoor Abbasi

Date of Completion: July, 2011 

CryptoNET is a security system, based on simple principle that all IT resources, operations, messages, software modules are maintained and manipulated in cryptographic environment. CryptoNET comprises most popular standalone and distributed applications and associated security protocols. We have created several client components, such as Secure Station Manager, Secure E-Mail Client, Secure Documents Client (security extensions of Open Office), and Secure Web Browser.In addition to those workstation components we also designed and implemented corresponding servers: Secure E-Mail Server, Secure Library Server, Secure Web Server and Secure Software Distribution Server. Security protocols between clients and servers are: Strong Authentication, SAML–based Single-Sign-On, Secure Sessions, and some application–specific security protocols.All our applications and security protocols use functions and credentials of our single Generic Security Provider (GSP), which also transparently uses FIPS 201 (PIV) smart cards, if they are configured and attached. The components of our CryptoNET environment may also be connected to our global security infrastructure, so standard network security protocols, such as certification protocol, SAML authorization protocol, secure sessions, etc. are also supported in a large-scale network environment. The core components of our security system are Security Provider, Secure Execution Environment, and Security Protocols. They contain security engines of our security system, where each component provides the same set of tested security services. These components are complete with respect to their functionality, so developers can use these components to extend their applications with security features.

With all the principles and resources used for design of applications and their components, CryptoNET can also be used as a practical environment for future research, design and development of a generic security framework, what represents major goal of our research. 
Our research will be focused on solutions directed towards open, dynamic, standardized and secure organizational environment which can only be accessible to the authorized employees of an organization. As the result of these activities, Smart Physical Access Control System will be ready for the full, national commercial distribution and deployment. For these activities Project Team will include three types of professional profiles: 

  • Smart card and mobile security researchers and development experts
  • Device programmer and electronic lock experts
  • Business development experts

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