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National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)

Determining the Platform Integrity using TPM for Image Acquisition and keeping track of Geographical

Domain:Digital Forensics

Status: Active

Contact Person(s): Aneeq Ahmad , Shahzad Saleem

The protection of digital information has been a great concern and a matter of serious debate since the last 20 years . And due to evolution of computing technology every thing worthwhile has been shifted towards being digital. Due to the huge presence of Digital Information in the online world , the field of Digital Forensics has grown in importance. In the field of forensics , evidence is the core component for making decisions. Digital Evidence can carry substantial amount of information but it can be disrupted , removed or destroyed easily.  The goal of this project is to protect the integrity of digital evidence at all cost and maintain its chain of custody.

This need has been the topic of conversation in numerous conferences and in various European Commission’s legislation like in Article 16 Expedited Preservation of Stored Computer Data and in Article 23 on General Principles Relating to International Cooperation. The existence of such huge amounts of directions and standards draws special attention to preserving Digital Evidence. e.g in RFC3227

This project will focus on complete practical implementation of "How to determine platform Integrity " and "Keep the track of Geographical Location i.e. where the image acquisition took place".These aspects will help in the achieving our primary goal which is "Ensuring the integrity of Digital Evidence and Protecting the Chain of Custody".