KTH-SEECS Applied Information Security Lab

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)

Secure and authorized dynamic group resource management

Domain:Secure Group Communication
Funding Agency:Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan

Status: Active 
Contact Person(s): Hirra Anwar, Awais Shibli

Extensive work has been done in the access control domain and different models have been proposed which suit various environments and scenarios. Research on access control in group centric environment needs to be further explored to provide effective security as well as ease of sharing of sensitive information. Sharing of sensitive resources in any organization poses the concerns of its security and effective management. The security concerns can be dealt by restricting access of sensitive information to only authorized users; access control mechanisms are used for this purpose. Once secure groups have been formed and access to authorized users has been granted, the provision of access rights delegation to other users has to be made. Thus an overall management of resources and groups together with its security in complex group centric environment is required, where multiple groups are created and disassembled dynamically.

A comprehensive research in the field of group secure information sharing, following a prototype implementation, which will provide effective management of complex dynamics of group centric environment with suitable access control mechanism and access rights delegation. The high level architecture diagram is shown below:   


As depicted in the figure above, the user will be able to communicate with the system using a front end application. The dynamic creation and revocation, management of group resources, dynamic access control provisioning, delegation of access rights within groups, encryption of data and effective management of the complexity of organizational structures will be handled by our proposed application. The access to the user will be restricted on the basis of dynamic access control policies.

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