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National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)

Security-as-a-Service for Column-Oriented NoSQL Databases in Cloud

Domain:Cloud database security

Status: Completed
Contact Person(s): Faria Mehak , Awais Shibli

In internet based computing, Cloud computing is becoming an emerging paradigm. Database outsourcing or Database as a service (DBaaS) is a concept hold true in Cloud computing due to which, now instead of owning, installing, maintaining and storing data on database servers, data is fully managed on centralized Cloud servers and this facility is provided to be used as a separate service deployed on Cloud. Many challenges lie ahead in Cloud computing as a whole and in DBaaS model in particular.

The aim of this research is to carry out an extensive literature survey related to DBaaS in order to identify its potential advantages, disadvantages, key challenges and possible research areas. Moreover, it is intended to provide a valuable and feasible solution in the form of Security as a service for Column oriented NoSQL databases in Cloud paradigm. NoSQL databases are finding significant and growing industry in big data and real-time web applications and these databases encompasses a wide variety of different database technologies. Unfortunately, future generations of NoSQL databases need considerable development and hardening in order to provide secure environment for sensitive data which is being stored by applications (such as social networks) using them. Cassandra is one of those Column oriented NoSQL database which is considered as the case study during this project. 




Project Documents:

  1. Absract  (PDF)
  2. Presentation  (PDF)
  3. Publication

      ► "Security Aspects of Database as a Service (DBaaS) in Cloud Computing" (Link)