KTH-SEECS Applied Information Security Lab

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)


Research Programs:

KTH-AIS lab offers research opportunities in areas of information and network security, focusing predominately on cloud computing security. Currently, we are offering research programs in the domain of cloud security, secure unstructured databases, secure group communication, secure web services, digital forensics, cyber security, and information security management. In addition to our ongoing projects, some listed here, we are also interested in working with talented and diligent students on new topics. You can join us as a research student if you are interested in doing Masters or Ph.D. AIS Lab will accept students who have solid background in computer science or related areas. If you meet these requirements and interested in conducting R&D, please contact us with your CV containing full academic details, marks scored in each semester/year, details on your current expertise in topics pursued by us and projects carried out so far.

Internship Programs: 

KTH-AIS Lab offers internship programs to students ranging in duration from 2 to 3 months majoring in cloud security. Through hands-on experience, we offer a supportive and collaborative training environment with the aim of developing our interns' skills and identifying their career goals. At KTH-AIS lab, you will have the opportunity to turn your ideas and initiative into a career. Come and be part of a team at KTH-AIS that is working to create better futures every day.

Career Programs:

You can opt KTH-AIS for your career. For more information please visit.