KTH-SEECS Applied Information Security Lab

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)

Dr. Shahzad Saleem

Designation: Lab Co Director
Email: shahzad.saleem.@seecs.edu.pk

Dr. Shahzad Saleem, Asst. Proffessor joined School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (SEECS-NUST) in 2015. He is currently teaching "Digital Forensics" to Information securiy, Mastes' Programme. He did his PhD. form Depatment of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stokholm University, Sweden.

His research interests include Digital Forensics, Mobile Device Forensics, Forensics Tool Testing & Evaluation, NFC, TPM and Smart Cards. His current area of research focuses on preserving the integrity of digital evidence and protecting the basic human rights during the process of digital forensics. It covers both theoretical and technical sides of digital forensics. On the theoretical side, the focus is to extend the process of digital forensics on the abstract level to include preservation and protection as umbrella principles (2PasU). It also provides recommendations to protect the basic human rights, best practices guide and formal solutions to select the appropriate tool for digital forensics. On the technical side, the concern is to realize the abstract model at the collection sub-phase while fulfilling the requirements of 2PasU.