KTH-SEECS Applied Information Security Lab

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)

Ms. Faria Mehak

Designation: MS Student
Email: 12mscsfmehak@seecs.edu.pk

Faria Mehak has completed her MS in Computer Science at NUST SEECS. She did her thesis under the supervision of Dr. Awais Shibli. In her thesis entitled “Security-as-a-Service for Column Oriented NoSQL Databases in Cloud”, she proposed a secure architecture for column oriented NoSQL databases which need considerable development and hardening in order to provide secure environment. Cassandra is one of those Column oriented NoSQL database which is considered as the case study during this project. Moreover, another objective of this research is to carry out an extensive and broad literature survey related to Database as a Service (DBaaS) in Cloud, to identify its potential advantages, disadvantages, key security and non-security challenges, state of the art security solutions and possible research directions

Earlier, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (BIT) from NUST -SEECS in June 2012. During her final year project, she developed an educational web portal whose focus revolves around providing the students a scheduled and well organized online classroom with live streaming on any topic of their interest. An automated scheduler schedules the classes according to the time slots provided by the teachers and students. They are notified about the scheduled class through mobile SMS technology and emails. Delivered lectures are available later as well to registered students.Her research interests are more oriented toward databases in Cloud. She has development experience in PHP, Java and .Net. She wants to pursue a PhD degree in her fields of interest in future.