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Mr. Imran Shamoon

Email: imranshamoon@gmail.com

Mr. Imran Shamoon has successfully completed his MS degree in Information Technology in May-2013. He has done his MS research thesis under the supervision of Dr. Awais Shibli. He has proposed ACL conflict resolution algorithm in his thesis entitled “Access Control Lists Conflict Detection and Resolution System”. Different access control mechanisms are used by organizations to mitigate the unauthenticated access to their information and resources. Policy conflicts are the major vulnerability in any access control mechanisms. To resolve the issue, firstly, an algorithm is designed which with the help of user's interaction provides ACL conflict resolution. Secondly, conflict free ACLs are transformed in XACML policies, implemented in XACML. Finally he has provided a proof of concept by converting conflicted ACLs to XACML policy showing that how much this solution is efficient and accurate in conflict detection and resolution with respect to the existing system.

Thesis Title: Access Control Lists Conflict Detection and Resolution System

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        ► "Policy Conflict Management using XACML" (Link)