KTH-SEECS Applied Information Security Lab

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)

Ms. Ume Ghazia

Designation: Research Assistant
Email: 10msccssghazia@seecs.edu.pk

 Ms. Um-e-Ghazia has successfully completed her MS in the field of computer and communication security from SEECS-NUST.  Her thesis entitled “Usage based Access Control for Web based Applications” was carried out in two main directions where she explored the applicability of Usage based access control model in different applications and environments. Her theoretical work highlights the essential features that must be incorporated in access control models to cater dynamism of Cloud environment. She analyzed and compared number of Cloud based access control models through NIST defined access control metrics. Her results indicate that UCON model is the most appropriate model that can perform better according to specifications of Cloud environment. She has proposed the UCON profile in eXtensible access control markup language (XACML). During her thesis, she published two research papers titled “Comparative Analysis of Access Control Systems on Cloud” and “Usage Control Model Specification in XACML Policy Language”.
After her remarkable performance during MS tenure, now she is serving as a Visiting Faculty at department of computing, SEECS-NUST for core subjects of software engineering.


Thesis Title: Usage based Access Control for Web Based Applications

  • 1. Absract  (PDF)
  • 2. Presentation  (PDF)
  • 3. Publications
  •     ►"Usage Control Model Specification in XACML Policy Language" (Link)
  •      "Comparative Analysis of Access Control Systems on Cloud" (Link)