KTH-SEECS Applied Information Security Lab

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)

Career Opportunities

The AIS Lab at the National University of Sciences and Technology is always looking for talented, bright, dedicated individuals with passion for research, development, and innovation to join us. You can work with us in various ways: 

  • Research Student: You can join us as a research student interested in doing Masters or Ph.D. by research degree at NUST. AIS Lab will accept students who have solid background in computing science or related areas. If you meet these requirements and interested in conducting R&D with us, please contact the Director of AIS Lab with your CV containing full academic details, marks scored in each semester/year, details on your current expertise in topics pursued by us, projects carried out so far, etc.
  • Course Work-based Student: If you are currently a course-work based undergraduate or postgraduate student at NUST and wants to do a project in cloud computing, please contact us, prefarably in person so that we can discuss a suitable project
  • Research Collaborator: We love to work/collaborate with you irrespective of where you come from. All that we expect form you is a passion for what you want to do, shared vision and willingness to put some time and energy so that our collaborative work can succeed. The members of AIS lab have successful collaborated with many researchers around the world. Some of our collaborators were/are students or professors from national and international universities, computer industries, scientists interested in applying computing technologies to enable new science, engineering, business, etc.
  • Job Vacancies:

    Current vacancies at AIS Lab:

    1. We need "Research Fellow (PhD degree holder)", "2 x Senior Developer" and "4 x Research Assistants", for the HEC funded project, click here
    for further details. 

    • Internships:

Join us as an summer intern or opt Final Year Project under KTH-AIS lab. For more information, click here.


Please write your detailed thoughts on how you might think that we can work together.
Email: ais.kth@seecs.edu.pk