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Research Links

    Research Paper

  1. What to say in a good research talk by John Farrell

  2. Common bugs in writing

  3. How To Structure and Organize Your Paper

  4. How to Write a Paper in Scientific Journal Style and Format

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  8. How to write a world class methodology paper

  9. How to review papers

  10. The literature review by Professor Nancy Rivenburgh

  11. Presenting your research at academic conferences

  12. Collaborating and Co-Authoring by Professor Philip N. Howard

  13. How to read a research paper

  14. How to summarize a research paper

  15. How to find a conference

  16. IEEE Referencing for Word 2007 + 2010

  17. Plagiarism: What it is and How to recognize and avoid it

  18. Master Thesis

  19. How to organize your thesis by John W. Chinneck

  20. How to get published by Dr. Sheba Agarwal

  21. Checklist for postgraduate students conducting research in AIS LAB

  22. 3 qualities of successful Ph.D. students by Matt Might

  23. Surviving a PhD – 10 Top Tips by Dr Alex Hope

  24. Staying motivated in graduate school by Alexes Harris

  25. Crafts of research by Wayne C. Booth

  26. 10 steps to identify a Research Problem for your MS thesis by Dr Fauzan Mirza

  27. PhD Comics

  28. Illustrated Guide to a PHD


  29. Networking Conferences Statistics

  30. Networking Conferences Statistics

  31. Security Evaluation Tools

  32. CloudSim by GridBus

  33. CloudSim Simulation Video by Mala Karla

  34. A complete guide on NetLogo

  35. Journals & Conferences on Computer security

  36. Top 20 Crypto and Security Conferences

  37. Journals on Computer Security

  38. Computer Security Conferences

  39. Research Proposal

  40. Guidance tips for Writing a Good Research Proposal