KTH-SEECS Applied Information Security Lab

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)



  1. MagicNET Security System for Protection of Mobile Agents by Mr. Awais Shibli, 2010

  2. MagicNET: Security System for Protection of Mobile Agents, by Mr. Awais Shibli, April 2010

  3. Vulnerability Analysis & Patches Management Using Secure Mobile Agents by Mr. Awais Shibli, 2009

  4. MagicNET: XACML Authorization Policies for Mobile Agents, by Mr. Awais Shibli, November 2009

  5. MagicNET: Security Architecture for Discovery of Mobile Agents, by Mr. Awais Shibli, May 2009

  6. MagicNET: Classification and Validation of Trusted Mobile Agents, by Mr. Awais Shibli, Feburary 2009

  7. Academic

  8. Eucalyptus by Hafiza Mahwash Faryad, Aneeq Ahmad and Zohaib Shahid, April 2015

  9. Windows Azure by M Umar Hayat Kayani and M Abdullah Abid, April 2015

  10. CloudStack by Kanwal Qayyum and Majid Amjad Hussain, April 2015

  11. Java GUI by Maleeha Afzal, July 2014

  12. CloudSim by Muhammad Umar Hameed, June 2014

  13. CloudSim by Umair Ahmed, June 2014

  14. Access Control by Maleeha Afzal, June 2014

  15. XML Data Transfer using Open Saml 2.0 by Mujtaba Idress, August 2013

  16. RCP Eclipse demo by Salman Ahmad Ansari, June 2013

  17. SCIM configuration and development by Nazia Akhtar, June 2013

  18. REST API by Umme Habiba, Feburary 2013

  19. Research

  20. BPEL by Sara Khurshid, April 2015

  21. Formal Design & Verification of Security Protocol for VoIP by Ubaid Ur Rehman, Decemer 2013

  22. Formal Verification of a Security Protocol for Financial Services by Shizra Sultan, December 2013

  23. Dynamic Access Control Policy Management for Web Applications by Misbah Irum, August 2012

  24. Usage Based Access Control Model by Ayesha Kanwal, May 2013

  25. Attribute based Access Control Model by Umme Habiba, May 2013

  26. Identity, Credential and Access Management by Ayesha Kanwal, February 2013

  27. Pluggable Architecture for Source Code Protection by Noor Yasin, August 2012