KTH-SEECS Applied Information Security Lab

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)



1- Configuration of Cassandra Source Code in Windows, Faria Mehak, June 2014
2- Tutorial on configuration of YCSB and testing Cassandra, Faria Mehak, March 2014
3- Symmetric Cryptographic Key Management, Faiza Fakhar, February 2014
4- Adding Encryption to OPENSTACK SWIFT, Muhammad Kazim, November 2013
5- UnboundID SCIM Deployment, Umme Habiba, October 2013
6- Evaluation and Establishment of Trust in Cloud Federation, Ayesha Kanwal, October 2013
7- Building MongoDB in Windows, Anam Zahid, September 2013
8- Tutorial on rich client platform applications in Eclipe by Salman, Ummair, July 2013
9- Tutorial on importing Balana in Eclipse by Salman Ahmad Ansari, July 2013
10- A complete tutorial on integrating Hudson and GIT in Eclipse by Fowz Masood, June 2013
11- A Handbook Of Cloudstack - Installation & Configuration, Kanwal Qayyum and Majid Amjad Hussain, April 2015
12- EUCALYPTUS CLOUD-IN-A-BOX Deployment Manual, Hafiza Mahwash Faryad, Aneeq Ahmad and Zohaib Shahid, April 2015
13- Windows Azure - Configuration Manual , Abdullah Abid, Zeeshan Qaiser and M. Umar Hayat, April 2015


1- AIS lab presentation template.
2-  AIS lab document template.


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